We have already learned that I am a lover of the ocean, connection over perfection and seeking to preserve the timeless memories that escape us so quickly. Growing up I was always obsessed with taking photos. Anyone else a former disposable camera user that had to drop them off at Walmart to be developed?  As an adult, my path led me to meet my husband in college and relocate to Charlotte. Charlotte was the backdrop for the start of our family; we have three small children that are my constant reminder of how fleeting time is. Recently we relocated back to my home state, Florida where we currently reside.

Being together with my husband for over a decade, we have discovered that marriage and parenthood are priceless. It is constant work that is rarely ever filled with verbal gratitude but watching your littles grow and thrive is the best reward. Living this life has motivated me to focus on those areas in my photography business. I feel that parents, as well as couples deserve to have a little one on one time where they can reconnect. This is what inspired the Couple's Therapy Sessions. Sometimes we forget to really connect and reconnect with those we love. Family photos can be extremely overwhelming and most of the time feel like a fluster. I currently live that life with my kiddos so I can relate. 

On my husband and my 10 year wedding anniversary I informed him I wanted to do a session that was just us. Out on the beach (my favorite place to be) and for us to just enjoy it. We laughed, smiled, snuck in sweet kisses and played in the ocean. Those images are such a great reminder to us that we genuinely enjoy each other's company and have this connection that is the foundation of our lifetime adventure. It is nice to be able to get dressed up and flirt with your significant other, uninterrupted, just the two of you. This is my goal to provide that experience to you.

My hope is to work with you to help you capture your story and allow you to share with those you love, the beauty of your relationship and family. Let's start our adventure together whether it be a family session or a couple's session. It is time to allow yourself to smile, laugh and look back on the images of those memories created during our session!

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