For me, childhood was moving from Florida to New Jersey and then settling in North Carolina as an adult. I went from playing in the salty water to exploring the Big Apple which has allowed my love for unique scenery to be such a vital role in my photography. I often catch myself daydreaming of my next adventure and love that nature is what inspires my photographs. Capturing the wild spirit that comes through in a photography is what fuels my love for the art.

As an adult, my path led me to meet my husband in college and relocate to Charlotte. Being located in between the beaches and rich history of Charleston to the Blue Ridge Mountains allows for a wonderfully diverse opportunity with our beautiful backdrops.

Being together with my husband for over a decade, we have discovered that parenthood and more so I have discovered that motherhood and family is the most precious gift this life has given me. I strive to find and create those beautiful memories of those daily relationships. 

My hope is to work with you to help you capture your story and allow you to share with those you love, the beauty of your relationships and family.


my roots


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