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Hey guys! I'm Catrina, a Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photographer. I also love to photograph families, babies, and fur babies. A love for faces and light is what originally drew me to photography and continues to inspire me.


My motto is to "collect moments not things". I love being part of your story, capturing all of the moving stories, intimate connections, laughter and smiles. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, I love traveling to all of the different cities and states in our country. You can typically catch me wandering in Charleston or Asheville pretty frequently.


When I'm not creating film-like photos, I am out spending time with my husband and (soon to be) 3 kids! They are the reason I continue to capture the beauty and all the stories in this life waiting to be captured.


My Camera: Nikon D810

A little about Megan: A former attorney and mother of 2 beautiful children, Megan has found her passion for photography. Capturing the moments of her little ones has helped drive her to create beautiful photos.

follow us @catrinaearlsphotography

email us |

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