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Tiffany ovbeyWe had the best experience and our pictures are better than we ever imagined!
(our mission is to make a great impression!)What People are Saying
Sarah rickmanCatrina is the best of the best! Not only is she an incredible photographer, but she's fantastic when it comes to finding creative shots and the most beautiful lighting. She coaches you through the shoot, and makes you feel at ease in front the camera. As an event planner, I think it is so important for couples to feel comfortable with their photographer, and love every single one of their photos. Catrina provides that with every shoot!
tRINA KARRASOur session with Catrina was so much fun and we loved all of the pictures. She is incredibly talented and fun to work with. She captured the images of us perfectly and made the photo session fun for our kids which was very important to me. I look forward to another session with her in the near future!
Danielle WhittleI can't even begin to express how thrilled I was to see sneak peeks of our photoshoot today. Catrina's creative touch comes through in her product. She truly captures the moments, made us feel completely natural while taking photos, and helped two people (who hating taking pictures) to have a wonderful experience.
Corrine SharpeBefore I booked anything else for my wedding I booked with Catrina. I saw her work online and thought, wow... this is a photographer who really knows how to make the viewer feel like they are there in the moment that was captured. Catrina knows how to really show the love you feel for one another in a photo. Her work is amazing. I am so happy with all of our photos. I have been looking at them pretty much everyday reliving the moments! We have gotten so many compliments! one of the greatest things about Catrina is that she knows how to make the couple feel comfortable and laugh and just be themselves so the pictures don't look awkward and staged, but natural and beautiful!!!! She also was so helpful in pretty much all aspects of wedding planning! We are so incredibly thankful to have had her as our wedding photographer and we will definitely be using her for occasions to come! Thanks for all you have done for us Catrina!
Tiffany + JoshCatrina is a rock star and an amazing person in general. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a wedding photographer! We had the best experience and our pictures are better than we ever imagined! She made our day super easy and enjoyable and was beyond accommodating of last minute changes!
Megan WeATHERFORDI am so thankful I did the milestone package. Our walls are covered with photos Catrina took of our little girl. She is so patient throughout the shoot and always captures our family personality perfectly.
Sara ramseyCatrina is fantastic! She took the time to learn about us and what we wanted. My husband and I were not used to being the center of attention and having a camera on us, but her laid back, fun style made us feel so at ease during the whole process. She was willing to do whatever it took to get good shots and make our wedding a success.
Emily Closson FeeAmazing doesn't begin to describe Catrina! She has given us beautiful photos to cherish for our lifetime and beyond. Working with Catrina was easy and comfortable. I have always felt awkward when getting my photo taken, but with her direction, every moment of ALL of our shoots was so much fun! Her creative eye has afforded us countless breathtaking shots of our engagement, wedding ceremony, and reception. She is full of great ideas and inspiration and always willing to help you bring your vision to life! She has become a sweet friend to my husband and I, and she will be the photographer we will contact for all of our big life events in the future!
Deb + mikeCatrina is the best !! Not only did she travel over 600 miles to shoot our wedding day but she captured so many beautiful moments that bring happy tears to my eyes every time I look through my album. I highly recommend hiring Catrina for your wedding!!!
Brittany BiceQuit looking. You’ve found her. Catrina is your wedding photographer. Unless you need her on 11/10. Then she’s booked. Sorry.
Kate mccullionCatrina was the photographer for my best friend's wedding and just recently my sister's wedding. She was a joy to work with both times and the photos she was able to produce were stunning! I would definitely recommend Catrina, she is the best.
Katherine LanterCatrina is simply amazing. Not only does she take gorgeous photos and have such a creative eye, but she is so personable and the only photographer you'd want to have around on your wedding day. She has a calming personality, but has a way of nicely, and firmly, getting people where they need to be when they need to be there. All the family pictures and wedding party pictures were a breeze because of this. Everyone asked if we were related or friends because we clicked so well, and my wedding day was only the 2nd time we had met. She is just the best. Cannot wait to have her photograph so many future events in our lives.
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