10 Engagement Photo Poses

So you are about to have engagement photos taken and you have already told your photographer that you are extremely awkward in front of the camera. Well I have created this little guide to help you with some really sweet, romantic, fun photos! Meet Jordan and Shane, a past bride and groom of mine! (I still can’t believe they have been married for over a year already.) So I have compiled a handful of really simple, easy, natural positioning for you and your loved one to take during your engagement photos.  First off, don’t stress over your photos. If you have the right photographer you will feel extremely comfortable with them; I personally like to work with my couples and make a little fun game instead of feeling any pressure or awkwardness. Here are my top 10 suggested poses:


  1. This is great for your groom if he feels a little nervous or doesn’t love being in front of the camera (which is not unusual!). Get in nice and close, snuggly hug on to your honey’s arm and give him a tight little squeeze. As you can see, it typically gets them to give a nice little smirk!
  2. One of my favorite set ups is what I like to call the reverse bear hug! Your honey will stand behind you, arms around you, you holding on to his arms and he gives you a nice big squeeze! A lot of times I will also ask him to snuggle up and nuzzle in the nook of your neck!
  3. The Reverse Bear Hug is a great lead to have your honey pick you up and swing you around. It’s so fun and playful, allowing you to just enjoy that moment and soak up that laughter! 
  4. A sweet, simple set up is having the bride stand off to the side of her beloved! It’s ok to not look at the camera in every single photos, some times its the sweet moment you are just enjoying with your loved one that makes those beautiful photos! 
  5. One way to help make you and your honey feel less pressure is to just look at each other. Make a silly comment or share a funny memory with them. It truly does help create a natural smile! 
  6. The groom most of the time always seem to avert their eyes away from the camera. So a nice way to give him some more comfort is to have him hug you, be nice and close together, heads even touching and giving you little eskimo kisses on the side of your face. It may feel silly but it’s ok to just cut loose and feel silly and carefree! 
  7. You can even get nice and close and snuggly, forehead to forehead. Sweet snuggles and squeezes. It’s just a nice, sweet hug where you can soak up the love you have for one another! 
  8. This leads to one of the more romantic photos that I feel you see ALL OVER Pinterest! LOL – It is actually one of my favorite photos to take. The moment RIGHT before that sweet little kiss between you and your loved one. You know the one I’m talking about, where both of your lips are slightly parted, you’re so close that you can feel each other’s breath and it is literally the second before your lips connect with one another. 
  9. To start wrapping up your session I tend to have my couples start to just walk and move around. Most of the time, holding hands, standing next to one another. It’s ok to have some photos where you aren’t all snuggled up next to one another, it’s also a great way to get full body shots that will showcase the outfits you took the time to pick out! 
  10. Finally, the one that I make sure we take is where both you and your honey are looking straight on to the camera. This is the one I like to say is for the parents. But it’s not your typical, stand next to your honey like you’re taking a selfie. You can snuggle up next to your loved one, place your hand on their chest and get nice and close. It still gives the image some emotion and warmth without overthinking things! 

When it comes to your engagement session, or anniversary shoot, or portrait session it’s ok to have outfit changes, to have pieces that will make it look like you have multiple outfits. Most of my couples will bring 2 outfits, one that is a bit more casual and one that is a tad on the dressier side. I think it gives you some nice variety, especially if your location you are photographing at allows you to have that feel of a different location. Bottom line, enjoy yourself with your engagement photos. There is no need to stress, especially if your photographer knows how to make you feel nice and relaxed, making it a fun experience. That is what truly matters, capturing how you two are together, having fun in that moment of your lives (even if it is in a middle of a field, in a city, on top of a mountain). Thank you Jordan and Shane for allowing me to capture your love for one another to help give other couples a little encouragement and guidance when it comes to taking their engagement photos!


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    Personal | Aiden is ONE

    So I’m a little late to the blog post celebrating my smallest baby but excited to share the photos from his one year session with my insanely talented friend Hillary (owner of Hillary Leah Photography)! Seriously, she is amazing and my kids just ADORE her. So to celebrate my sweet baby, I have compiled a few of my favorites from his newborn, 6 month and 12 month session! Aiden, your daddy and I love you and how adventurous, curious, and spunky your personality is! Now please slow down a hot minute so I can truly soak in all of these sweet memories of you as my tiniest babe!

    So now we travel down memory lane to Aiden’s newborn session where we went with the Where the Wild Things Are theme! And man was it spot on for his little personality. One thing I’ve come to notice while he is in his room, he feels so at home and comfortable. Must be the fact that he is with his fellow wild ones in there ! (haha!)

    Fast forward 6 months and my little man is sitting up and trying so hard to be mobile! He loves all food, hates teething (don’t we all) and wants to be around his big sister, ALL THE TIME! (Not much has changed! lol)

    And now my baby boy is a year old! ONE whole year old!! Where on earth did 12 months go? My sweet boy started walking at 10 months, he eats, literally, everything! He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins. He really enjoys playing catch with his big sister and singing to the Trolls soundtrack. Enjoy our little one year session with Hillary!

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      Personal | Troll Birthday Party

      My baby girl is FOUR! Oh my gosh, I still can’t believe it! So as any parent knows, a toddler will change their mind 900 times before it comes time for an event they have say in. Well, this year, my daughter insisted on having a Trolls themed birthday party. Every month, I’d ask her to see if she had changed her mind before I moved forward with party prepping and every month she would reply “Yes!!” So we did just that, like any dutiful mother, I waited until the week of the party to actually get things going. Thank you Party City for your new stock in Trolls Birthday decor! The one thing that we did do, a few months in advance was hire Poppy and Branch to show up. My daughter LOVES all of the characters at Disney World and I thought what a great surprise for her, have her favorite characters from the movie show up to her birthday party?! Well thanks to her Nana and Pop, we were all not pull this off. (A huge thank you to The Imagination Clubhouse for being the ONLY local company to offer Poppy and Branch! PS They are absolutely amazing!!) So here are a handful of photos from the event. We had one of my husband’s fraternity brothers actually come and snap some photos for us so we could enjoy the party as well! (A big thanks again Zach Broadaway for helping us out!)

      Trolls Birthday Party

      Trolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday Party

      Trolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday PartyTrolls Birthday Party

      (The following photos were taken by Zach. We were finally able to be present and enjoy the party, the guests, and Abby’s big surprise!)

      Thank you again for everyone who helped us pull this off and make such amazing memories for our baby girl and her fourth birthday party!

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